Art & Artie perform at the 2005 B.O.R.E.D. Tour.

Art & Artie performed an acoustic set at the 2005 B.O.R.E.D. tour, June 11, 2005 at the Player's Second Stage Theater, California State University Long Beach.

B&B and Toaster Grant Baciocco


Art & Artie are joined in a rousing chorus of Fish Heads by Dr. Demento and Lumanian Junior Cheese Inspector Glee Club members Seth, Ian & Wynn. 

The evening ends with the induction of Barnes & Barnes and Dr. Demento into the Comedy Music Hall of Fame.


Well, you never know what’s going to happen in this life. I was quite pleasantly surprised to discover Robert was actually willing to perform a live Barnes and Barnes set as headlining act of the B.O.R.E.D. tour when we were asked by Grant of Throwing Toasters who hosted the event. I was even more surprised when “a few songs” became a full 15 song career spanning set.

The event was sold out and it went great. We were both nervous, but there were no trainwrecks and it sounded swell.

Thanks to Grant and everyone who worked the event; sound, lights, box office, etc. Thanks to the immortal wonderful Dr. Demento for coming out and giving us a fantastic introduction and for being there with us as we and he were inducted into the Comedy Music Hall of Fame. Barnes and Barnes would be nothing without Dr. D.

And of course thanks to everyone who showed up and cheered us on!

Who knows what’s next? Maybe we’ll actually really record a new album one of these days!



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Hi guys and gals!

It’s your Guardian Artie here. The one who looks after all of you. I make sure you’re eating your vegetables and changing your socks everyday.

You know, we’ve been “Barnesing” off and on for about 35 years now. Some of you may not even be 35 years old! Wow. I just made myself feel really ancient and depressed. But I digress…

During the late ’80’s and 1990’s, I didn’t hear from many of you. But the Internet has changed all that. We no longer need a post office box to keep in touch with our groovy fans. We have the greatest of all inventions at our disposal, the internet. I love how we can all communicate with each other immediately. If Art and I cut a new song one day for instance, I can come right home and tell you guys about it. We can get information to each other instantly. I love that. And we love hearing from you! So please email us, or each other, at any of our 2 or 3 websites that have been set up for that purpose. We love the mail and exchanging info with you guys.

Speaking for me, I LOVE B&B too! I’m our greatest fan. And I love to talk with you guys about what we do. Some people think Art and I “broke up” many times over the years, but the truth is we just take “hiatuses” until we’re ready to work again. Sometimes we go years without creating new songs. But we’re always around and available to chat with you and let you know what’s up and to answer questions. So keep in touch!

Your Guardian Artie

July 2005


Welcome to the brand new “Official” Barnes and Barnes website brought to you by many hours of dedicated hard work by Dave and Glennda. Not too long ago there was another “official B&B site”, (alas poor Spazchow, we knew it well…) but it has sadly gone to the cornfield. So now we present this all new and improved one.

Why a Barnes and Barnes website you ask? Why not? Can you truly imagine a world without one? That would be like a world without… cheese. And we can’t have that, can we?

Here we present you with a place to delve into all things Barnes-like. The history of the band, rare photos, news, soundbites, etc.

Barnes and Barnes may slink into suburban obscurity for a decade or two, but fear not, we shall rise again to make our past projects look like pieces of nuthin! Or not. So… enjoy. Cruise around this place and let us know what you think about it.

We’ll be listening!


Bill Mumy / Art Barnes
Lumania 2004

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‘FISH HEADS” THE ANIMATED SERIES… is in the beginning stages of “happening” in a real bigtime shobiz way! REALLY!  Will it become a reality? Who knows? But major meetings are unfolding with legitimate heads of networks, etc! It could be the greatest animated series ever created! Then again…

“DERAILROADED” is a documentary feature length film about Larry “Wild Man Fisher”. It is in the final stages of editing right now. It features brand new interviews with Barnes and Barnes on camera and also has them narrating throughout the film. It contains many songs produced, written and co-written by B&B and is a DON’T MISS- MUST HAVE!! More details to come concerning where you can find it and it’s release.

ART and ARTIE returned to Lumania Studios to begin recording together for the first time in several years in December of 2003! They cut a basic track and began the vocals to a brand new song called “The Pope Said Nope”. However, they lost the pep and abandoned it and Artie returned to his reclusive reality where he listens to the Doors all day, sells things on ebay, walks around with a metal detector in the hopes of finding nickels, and eats wasabe peas. Will they get back to work and finish this new tune and actually make a new album together?! Possibility; nothing definitive. Stay Tuned!

News Flash! Art and Artie exchanged cars!! True!


NEWS FLASH! Artie found his pep!! Ooops, he lost it again… stay tuned!

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The first all new CD from Barnes and Barnes in 18 years
Opbopachop now at CD Baby

Barnes and Barnes. A spectacular one of a kind duo. A handsome pair. Art and Artie. The original “2 friends with a 4 track” artists. Mostly dormant for 18 years. Semi-retired. They had released only a few new sporadic songs in all that time. They also digitized and reissued all their past work and released it in the new millennium. Most people had long given up on them. No one thought they would ever make that long rumored “comeback” album of ALL new material that they threatened to make over the years. Only the “Hardcore 9” fans truly believed it could happen. But then again, Barnes and Barnes were always full of surprises. Could they make the impossible happen?

Yes! The impossible HAS happened BIG time! “OPBOPACHOP” is here! It exists. In one short five week creative burst of spontaneous combustion in 2008, the boys returned to their Lumania studio, anxious to see where the muse would take them. It took them on a wondrous 15 song journey. Each song turned out to represent a piece of where the boys heads were at, now that they’ve hit “middle age”. Although not a concept album, when all was said and done, there is a very cohesive feel to this project, which possibly contains the best music and lyrics B & B have ever written!

The tracks cover many subjects: The deaths and dying of mothers, fathers, brothers, and dogs. Changes. Marriages and child rearing. Coming of age and aging itself. And dare we say the word? Maturity… Oh, the album still contains plenty of odd humor, quirky and bent fantasies, and general weirdness which has always been the norm for Barnes and Barnes. But upon completion, there is a oneness to the overall textures and calm frenzy of this album. And it’s a nice feeling. Perhaps it’s a shrug of resignation. Unsettling at times, but…nice. Familiar. Warm and comforting. Again, a sort of sweet resignation to their fates. And sometimes the acceptance of fate and change ain’t such a bad thing.

“OPBOPACHOP” by Barnes and Barnes. Listen to it and learn more truths about life that you haven’t yet considered. And some things you maybe never wanted to consider—

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