About Us

Voobaha! (Which means “Greetings” in Lumanian)
Welcome to the brand new “Official” Barnes and Barnes website brought to you by many hours of dedicated hard work by Dave and Glennda. Not too long ago there was another “official B&B site”, (alas poor Spazchow, we knew it well…) but it has sadly gone to the cornfield. So now we present this all new and improved one.

Why a Barnes and Barnes website you ask? Why not? Can you truly imagine a world without one? That would be like a world without… cheese. And we can’t have that, can we?

Here we present you with a place to delve into all things Barnes-like. The history of the band, rare photos, news, soundbites, etc.

Barnes and Barnes may slink into suburban obscurity for a decade or two, but fear not, we shall rise again to make our past projects look like pieces of nuthin! Or not. So… enjoy. Cruise around this place and let us know what you think about it.

We’ll be listening!


Bill Mumy / Art Barnes Lumania 2004