Hi guys and gals!


It’s your Guardian Artie here. The one who looks after all of you. I make sure you’re eating your vegetables and changing your socks everyday.

You know, we’ve been “Barnesing” off and on for about 35 years now. Some of you may not even be 35 years old! Wow. I just made myself feel really ancient and depressed. But I digress…

During the late ’80’s and 1990’s, I didn’t hear from many of you. But the Internet has changed all that. We no longer need a post office box to keep in touch with our groovy fans. We have the greatest of all inventions at our disposal, the internet. I love how we can all communicate with each other immediately. If Art and I cut a new song one day for instance, I can come right home and tell you guys about it. We can get information to each other instantly. I love that. And we love hearing from you! So please email us, or each other, at any of our 2 or 3 websites that have been set up for that purpose. We love the mail and exchanging info with you guys.

Speaking for me, I LOVE B&B too! I’m our greatest fan. And I love to talk with you guys about what we do. Some people think Art and I “broke up” many times over the years, but the truth is we just take “hiatuses” until we’re ready to work again. Sometimes we go years without creating new songs. But we’re always around and available to chat with you and let you know what’s up and to answer questions. So keep in touch!

Your Guardian Artie

July 2005


Welcome to the brand new “Official” Barnes and Barnes website brought to you by many hours of dedicated hard work by Dave and Glennda. Not too long ago there was another “official B&B site”, (alas poor Spazchow, we knew it well…) but it has sadly gone to the cornfield. So now we present this all new and improved one.

Why a Barnes and Barnes website you ask? Why not? Can you truly imagine a world without one? That would be like a world without… cheese. And we can’t have that, can we?

Here we present you with a place to delve into all things Barnes-like. The history of the band, rare photos, news, soundbites, etc.

Barnes and Barnes may slink into suburban obscurity for a decade or two, but fear not, we shall rise again to make our past projects look like pieces of nuthin! Or not. So… enjoy. Cruise around this place and let us know what you think about it.

We’ll be listening!


Bill Mumy / Art Barnes
Lumania 2004

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